Wine Lockers

Bend Wine Storage has lockers available in a variety of sizes and come with keycard access. These heavy-duty, 4-gauge steel lockers are perfect for those who want regular access to their collection. Hand trucks and step ladders are provided for your convenience.

Sizes and Prices:
27-Case Locker* (3’w x 3’d x 3.75’h)- $60/month
54-Case Locker* (3’w x 3’d x7.5’h)- $110/month
112-Case Locker* (4’w x 4’d x 7.5’h)- $150/month
Looking for something larger? Please inquire.

Locker Pricing Notes
*Locker case capacities are approximate.
Prices above are billed quarterly.
Month-to-month rentals subject to 10% surcharge.
Annual rentals receive 5% discount.
Refundable deposit for key card required. $25/card.
3% Convenience fee added for credit cards.

In addition to locker storage, Bend Wine Storage offers customers the following à la carte services:

  • 12-bottle lay-flat boxes for purchase
  • Inventories
  • Acquiring bottles, cases, and collections
  • Selling your collection
  • Appraisals 
  • Packing and Moving
  • Cellar Disaster Relief

Contact us for more information

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